September 28, 2011


General Info 
The location: North Sumatra Province, Indonesia 
Lake Type   : Volcanic or Tectonic 
Length          : 100 km 
width             : 30 Km
In                   : 505 meters 

Additional info:
Toba lake itself is a volcanic lake that occurs when there is an explosion of the volcano at 69000-77000 years ago, is expected as well as one of the largest volcanic explosions in the world. After the blast, created kaledra (depressions in the ground after a volcanic eruption) which is then filled with water and we now know as Lake Toba. Middle of Lake Toba also has a small island called Samosir island. If friends all want to go see the lake Toba, it is advisable to stop at the town of Parapat.From there to see the beauty of Lake Toba clearer. Parapat also includes one of the city of tourism in northern Sumatra. So do not worry for business accommodation, hospitality, and the like. :) Hopefully there is available. And also later from Parapat, access to the stricken area other toba travel around more easily, because there are boats, ferry, or the like that are ready to transport. The majority ethnic population in the vicinity of Lake Toba is a hobo. In general the people there livelihood as farmers, traders, and fishermen. Personal Sy actually quite impressed with its natural lake toba and potential regardless of the fact that said that the number of tourists has decreased as a result there is less attention and care from those responsible. Whatever it is Lake Toba is going to be our joint responsibility and obligation to be preserved. Photographs or drawings of this toba lake might be the general picture of how the views of the lake Toba, and also a little picture of the surrounding population. Or perhaps it could be a cure longing for a friend who might wander into a place far away and long time there has not been to the area toba. .. he he. This photo is NOT my work but the work of Johnny Siahaan, I met her collection at site and have asked permission from the owner to be displayed. Probably not hurt to share here.

September 18, 2011

Culture of Aceh

Saman Dance

Aceh is one of the regions in Indonesia which has an interesting variety of cultures, especially in the form of dance, crafts and celebrations. In Aceh Province, there are four major tribes, namely: 
1. Acehnese 
2. Gayo tribe 
3. Alas Interest 
4. Tamiang 
Aceh is the majority tribe who inhabited the coastal areas of Aceh. Acehnese people who inhabited the area of ​​West Aceh and South Aceh there is little cultural differences that seem heavily influenced by his style of Minangkabau culture. This may be because their ancestors who served in the land when under protectorate of the kingdom of Aceh's past and they assimilated with the population there. 
Interest Gayo and Alas are ethnic minorities who inhabit the highlands of Central Aceh and Aceh region of Southeast. Both tribes also are patriakhat and a strong adherent of the religion of Islam. 
Each tribe has its own peculiarities such as language, literature, songs, arian, music and customs. 
Acehnese culture heavily influenced by Islamic culture. Dance, crafts, ornaments, customs, etc. are all rooted in Islamic values. Examples of decorative Aceh for example, many take the form of plants such as stems, leaves, and flowers or the shape of natural objects such as clouds, moon, stars, waves, and so forth. This is because according to Islamic teachings are not justified in presenting the human form or animal as decorative.
Aceh's long war and an impact is very bad for the existence of culture. Many parts of culture that has been forgotten and craft objects of high quality to be reduced or lost.
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July 07, 2011

Zainuddin MZ kyai dies

KH.Zainuddin MZ
Viva News - Dai-known, Zainuddin MZ died, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. Zainuddin also known as Ecclesiastes million people died after being treated at Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta. "He died at 10:15 earlier in this RSPP," relatives said Zainuddin, KH Mahdi when contacted According to Mahdi, Zainuddin hospitalized since yesterday. "Go into the night after returning from out of town," he said. Zainuddin, had collapsed before being taken to hospital. "Until the family home soon to the RSPP because of fainting," said Mahdi. According to him, Zainuddin suffering from several diseases. "He, his blood sugar disease recurrence, up. His heart is also a relapse," he said.
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July 06, 2011

Indonesia's most popular actris

Agnes Monika

Luna Maya

Revalina S Temat

Dian Sastro

Nirina Zubir
Nikita Willy
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June 25, 2011

Most beautiful cave in Indonesia

Resembles a peacock's tail

Stalaktit Stalakmid

Petruk cave his name, heard the name Petruk, people will remember the name of the child Ponokawan Ki Semar high, but the nose is very sharp. That said, the wayang stories, this Petruk lelembut Banaspati children from children who later taken by Ki Semar and Petruk are known to have a lot of sense. 
Unfortunately many people have heard of Goa Petruk, but still reluctant to visit this attraction. Pretty good times, indeed as preparation for entering the required adequate Goa Petruk. Enjoying the beauty of Goa Petruk in Kebumen. Located only about 7 km from Goa Teak Jajar and approximately 300 kilo meters from jakarta . at the entrance of the cave we had been treated by a beautiful waterfall and have a very clear water. If we go into the cave we will disuhi exotic scenery that occurs naturally by nature. in the cave are stalactites and stalagmites that mentyerupai breast, monuments, fountains, white alligator, mbah Bewok, semar, brain wolves, elephants and more. Throughout Goa Petruk is divided into two lines, namely 125 million of short and long track 664 m. given by managers to track boots, helmets, and handlamp for lighting. for those interested to follow the recommended Petruk Cave provides a change of clothes, because in the cave water flowing from the stalactites. in the cave there is also a shower that can be drunk. efficacious water fountain is said to cure diseases. Please note, that in Goa which may seem quite daunting, because there is no spark or flame in Goa Jatijajar as, or another cave in Indonesia. However, according to records Goa Petruk Doctor Koo, an expert from abroad Goa Goa Goa Petruk said that the best across the nation.

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